Fading directions plum

So it’s been about a month, maybe 5 weeks since I changed colour to plum (over a pale lilac/silver base).

The purple was a little pink and bright for me at first but did stay a rich purple colour for a few weeks (although I did top up my roots about 2 weeks in).

However by weeks 4 and 5 it was really patchy and fading to different tones in different places (I’m guessing from sunlight exposure and shampooing). I tried using some vibrant overtone purple conditioner but it seemed that plum fades to a colour very similar to Directions denim blue.

I redyed it today with 2 pots of plum and one of violet:


Directions Plum

So, despite deciding I’ll need to be turquoise again for next May’s cosplay, I thought I’d try out rich purple again while I had the pale base.

This was 2 tubs of plum.

I might try violet again as plum was a lil too pink for me whereas violet is more blue based.

Not sure how long I’ll keep purple up as I remember it fading to a gross pinky-beige very quickly before (and I had had some purple overtone conditioner last time that I don’t this time).

Comicon Amethyst and Fairygodmother

So I rested my hair with wisteria again ready for the Portsmouth Comicon.

Was pleasantly surprised how many people recognised me as I went as fairly obscure characters.

The directions wisteria colour was beautiful but washed out in less than a week despite only washing it every other day with either sulphate free or colour depositing products.

I’ve dyed it wisteria one last time:

I’ve bought directions plum as my next colour – might experiment with violet again too but pretty sure I’ll be coming back to teal tones again as thinking of cosplaying Sailor Neptune again next year.

mix of denim blue and lilac

So my hair colour was only done a week ago but as the wisteria at the salon made the lengths of my hair a lovely colour, it simply toned my roots from bright yellow to white. Plus at the salon we normally leave the directions colour on for around the 15-20 mins advised but when I do it at home I can leave it on for an hour to give a better colour.

But I didn’t have much wisteria colour left so instead mixed my leftover lilac and denim blue to see if it would make a similar bluey silver lilac tone to the wisteria.

Here is the result:

Way more blue than expected – hope it fades as quickly as other blue tones have in the past as I have just over 2 months to get back to a nice pale lilac for comicon – the plan now is not only Ametyst from Steven Universe but also the Fairy Godmother from Shrek 2

Review TRESeme Boutanique Nourish and Replenish Mask

This stuff is magic! I have only used it once so far but didn’t leave it on for long (it recommends 3-5 mins).

The lengths,and in particular the ends, of my hair were super dry and damaged from bleaching – going a sort of rubbery texture that snapped when brushed wit and a sort of fluffy candy floss when dry. I missed my old glossy hair and this worked way better than the Body Shop Beautifying oil I had been rubbing sparingly into the ends.

It was on offer in Asda (down from about £5 for a tub to £3) but it is worth every penny. Although I have thick long hair I didn’t need to use much of the mask for it to be saturated.

I will probably try a spray in and leave oil some time soon so watch this space.

Lilac hair

The Silver dyes I had liked (overtone and Pravana vivids) were proving tricky to get hold of and since the Amethyst cosplay I’m building up to in May/June will need light lilac hair I thought I’d try Directions Lilac.

My hairdresser recommended re-bleaching over the lengths as well as the roots (bringing the total number of bleaches up to 4). In going to use a olaplex hair mask again too to help look after the condition but was pleasantly surprised at how light a colour was achieved and how good a condition my hair was left in.

It took almost 3 tubs of Directions to colour my long thick hair.

The result is very pretty but a little patchy. I’m hoping continuing to use my silver/violet and pink shampoos and conditioners will help even out the colour over time. The pink is still needed on the greenish ends but in general I pressed the blue end of lilac so may mix some Denim Blue into the Lilac in future or buy the Wisteria shade. Anyone try these before??