Wisteria Directions

So, roots rebleached and a new Directions shade tried out: wisteria. It seems to be a slightly bluer / silvery tone than the regular lilac which was a bit pink for my liking.


Lilac hair

The Silver dyes I had liked (overtone and Pravana vivids) were proving tricky to get hold of and since the Amethyst cosplay I’m building up to in May/June will need light lilac hair I thought I’d try Directions Lilac.

My hairdresser recommended re-bleaching over the lengths as well as the roots (bringing the total number of bleaches up to 4). In going to use a olaplex hair mask again too to help look after the condition but was pleasantly surprised at how light a colour was achieved and how good a condition my hair was left in.

It took almost 3 tubs of Directions to colour my long thick hair.

The result is very pretty but a little patchy. I’m hoping continuing to use my silver/violet and pink shampoos and conditioners will help even out the colour over time. The pink is still needed on the greenish ends but in general I pressed the blue end of lilac so may mix some Denim Blue into the Lilac in future or buy the Wisteria shade. Anyone try these before??

More silver experiments

So about 4 weeks after the wedding, I only had a little overtone go deep vibrant silver left and mixed it with the two tubes of Pravana vivids smoky silver.

It achieved this lovely colour:

Unfortunately, both the overtone and Pravana vivids chromasilk colours are expensive and hard to get in the UK (especially when needing 2 or 3 tubes to cover thick long hair) so I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep this up

I’ll continue to use the various silver care shampoos and conditioners mentioned before too.

Next hair appointment booked for in about 3/4 weeks in time for the work Xmas do and just before I move house. Might well be trying out what the lilac and perhaps the denim blue shades of directions go like as they are much easier to get hold of and more affordable.

Thinking of trying the wisteria too – anyone have any experience of it??

oVertone Vibrant Silver deep treatment

So the top up of Pravana Silver I ordered didn’t arrive in enough time to use before my friend’s wedding so I applied oVertone Vibrant Silver deep treatment.

I used up most of the tub (easily 3/4 if not more) as my hair is thick and long even after quite a trim recently.

I had really wanted to try this product after watching a YouTube video that compares different brands grey and silver tones on white extensions so you could see which were bluer toned, darker, lighter or whatever: https://youtu.be/wJCj7W6aNeM

This is the result:

It looks less blue and more like a medium lilac grey in real life.

I’d 100% use overtone all the time if it wasn’t so expensive and a pain to import from America (I got this tub for about £30 on eBay).

Here are some pics from the wedding and Halloween party:

Olaplex hair treatment

I’d heard Olaplex was a miracle – you can add it to bleach to make it less damaging or use it as a hair treatment after bleaching. It strengthens hair And rebuilds bonds damaged by bleaching.

I mixed it up as a hair treatment and it’s made my hair super thick and soft (although the ends are still a little crunchy but nowhere near as bad as you’d expected from bleaching over previously bleached hair twice in a day!)

Going silver…surprise pastel unicorn hair 🦄

So this is how faded I got my hair after 4/5 weeks of fading.

The hairdresser bleached my hair twice and then applied two tubes of Silver chromasilk vivid demi permanent by Pravana that I had been warned by others had made their hair a dark, gunmetal grey silver.

What I got was not as expected but beautiful!!!! It is now lilac fading down to a pale aqua mint colour. The pictures don’t really do justice to how much lighter the hair is now.

In hind sight, I think I needed more than two tubes as I lave long thick hair. (My hairdresser has advised me to try the smoky silver colour from the same range to top it up).

I have a whole bunch of lilac, silver and blue dyes and colour treatment shampoos and conditioners to experiment with now so watch this space.

Vitamin C and washing up liquid fade?

So after 2/3 weeks of washing with clarifying shampoo and the occasional dabble with pink shampoo my 2 year build up of teal dye was not shifting :,( it was fading enough to look a bit ropey and I normally would have redyed it by now but not faded enough for my liking – I’ve only got another 2 weeks until I’ve been booked in to go silver.

I decided to try a vitamin C and washing up liquid mix I’d read a lot about. I used fairy washing up liquid, clarifying shampoo and 3 asda effervescent high strength vitamin c and zinc tablets.

The result? Nothing very notable. There is a tiny bit of fading but as I washed it with pink shampoo and conditioner after, not any more than I might expect from just washing it twice. A lot of my hair came out on my brush after but I don’t think it was from chemical damage just that washing up liquid leaves hair quite tangly.

It was left quite dry and damaged so I picked up a John Frieda Core Repair clear conditioner – just one wash later I’m really impressed at the repair!